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A little while ago i had been doing some healing on my hubby, he has been very poorly and we needed some information for when we went to be the specialist. As he had lost both of his parents separately when he was a little boy and he has no siblings, plus they were only children, so we had no one to turn to for the information we needed . Later on that night i asked spirit if they if they could find me Agnes mother of John as i needed a little help .

I sat for a while when suddenly i got a lady talking to me about how they don't pick the hops correctly at her place to make the new kind of beer they wanted to make , she gave me all the information i needed for this beer, and i have to admit i got the giggles and i let her go on about the hops and the process as it felt rude to interrupt . When she had finished i thanked her and  asked if she was my johns mum her reply made me smile, she said no dear but i am Agnes and my sons name is john. i had forgotten to give our last name.  Before she left she gave me some advice  , Be more specific with name dear when asking , and if you can under his circumstances give her maiden and her last address it may help.  I thanked Agnes she thanked me for spending time with her  and off she popped.

My hubby's Grandmother has popped in to let me know that this particular strand he has,  has started with him and to keep an eye on our daughters. Her Name was Agnes her daughter was named after her.

I am not sure if this may help anyone , but i thought i would post it.



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Having time to connect to oneself.

Hello everyone, firstly i would like to apologize for not being around for a while.  LIfe takes us on various paths,  some of our chosing and some of it not. I have been concentraing my time on a path I would rather not be taking but it has to be done,  and i am sure alot of you have been down this path , or travelling this path with me.  Family illness. It has  become a path i didn't think i would be taking for quite a few years yet but unfortunatly the universe has decided that it ne

Beverley Pennell

Beverley Pennell in Putting Trust in Spirit

A Thank you to everyone for your support

Good morning to you all.  This is just a quicky to say thank you to everyone who has shown me support through out my journey so far.  And to ask others how does your human jobs have an effect on your chosen spiritual path. After been shown love and guidance this morning from Peter and melissa due to a situation at work last night. I did eventually get alittle sleep.  As I was nodding off I asked my guides why that situation had happened.  And was told we would never give you anything you co

Beverley Pennell

Beverley Pennell in Thank you

when poetry comes through

Recently i have noticed that when my mind has gone blank and i am relaxed, strange things have begun to happen . Poetry. I was never any good at poetry, but quite alot has been coming through, usually at the most strange times.  I had been to the garden center just for a look to raise the spirits, or so i thought $200 dollars later followed by the most beautiful journey home with this outer voice giving me a bout of poetry about the plants i had bought. i asked for guidance where

Beverley Pennell

Beverley Pennell

Taking a friend and spirit to hospital

I took a friend to hospital today  for some treatment on her eye, my friend is 85 and is a gifted medium herself, The procedure she was going to have was rather unpleasant, and if it had been me i honestly don't think i could of had it. Anyway after a short drive we were laughing about the way spirit seems to show up unexpectedly , and i had said it was a pity we couldn't have an out of body experience or astral travel so our other self could have the treatment and we could stay at home.

Beverley Pennell

Beverley Pennell

Trying to spread the love

Firstly i would like to apologize for missing out on the meditation, and the last of the mentorship we had. I was helping a friend out at her crystal shop and we had a few people in, so i didn't turn my phone on. The topic of conversation of course was about the virus that has hit the world so badly, and how we are fixating on the need for toilet roll , hand sanitizer, tissues ,pasta , and rice. but we had all noticed that bottled water is going off the shelves rather quickly. Whats wrong w

Beverley Pennell

Beverley Pennell

Just talking with family

Today my youngest grandson turned 5.  We had the family cake candles and ballons,  My son in laws mum came over for a chat,  so how long have you been working in the crystal shop , oh about 5 weeks but i help out only on a Tuesday it helps the owner out , she doesn't have to shut the shop if she has a reading. Explain what you mean by a reading, i did and she looked at me gone out. Do you do that ?, yes i said.   What you  really  talk to dead people?, well they talk to me if i have a sitte

Beverley Pennell

Beverley Pennell

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