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Having time to connect to oneself.

Beverley Pennell


Hello everyone, firstly i would like to apologize for not being around for a while.  LIfe takes us on various paths,  some of our chosing and some of it not.

I have been concentraing my time on a path I would rather not be taking but it has to be done,  and i am sure alot of you have been down this path , or travelling this path with me.  Family illness.

It has  become a path i didn't think i would be taking for quite a few years yet but unfortunatly the universe has decided that it needs to be taken. So here i am.

Through all of this i have learnt that i cannot control what is happening, but be there when i am needed , either in a role  as a Wife, or as a Healer, So far through this journey i have had support from my community friends here on julian's site , which have given comfort when it had been needed.  Advice when it has been asked for,  and from my heart i thank you.  You all have provided hubby with distant healings and he has appreciated them all.  I've shown him pictures of everyone that has sent healing to him, so he actually feels he is getting to know the community, instead of me just dissapearing into the little room to chat my head off as he see,s it.

He knows its Melissa because of her sexy Texan drawl, He knows Elena because of her beautiful greek accent. He knows Christine because of her canadian accent.

He has adored Carly's Atlantean Healings and he loves Demi's Prantic healings. He has listened to Mandi's singing bowls he even heard julian's drumming.


A few of you know we bought a moterhome at the end of January so we can travel New Zealand and have fun together while he still is mobile , we bought inflatable kayaks at christmas as they are easier to use and softer on all of the joints and i highly recomend them. so they are in the motorhome storage space.  And yes they do get used.  We have even bought bikes, and if you ever saw me ride a bike you would spend the first 10 minuets laughing your heads off, as  i struggle with balance issues, i actually head butted an innocent bush that was just standing there enjoying the early autumn sun until i hit it. which brought peels of laughter from hubby . things i do to bring a smile to that mans face.

we've been to the South Island a few weeks ago the highlight was a trip he had organized for me. WHALE WATCHING. Its been a life long dream to se a Whale , our first trip was cancelled due to the sea being extremely rough, so i sat and sulked like a two year old looking out at the ocean from the inside of the motorhome , Bam out of the ocean came two seperrate pods of dusky dolphins i sat for an hour watching these magnifcient creatures whilst they played in the ocean, i kept stealing glances at hubby who was just as enthrarled as i was. apparently i make strange noises when i get excited. Thankfully he didnt tape me, but those of you that know me will probably agree.

so 5.30 am the following morning i was up dressed had several cups of coffee, before i could rouse hubby, unfortunatly this sodding disease makes it hard for him to move , so i forgot myself and got a bit ratty. i did appologize later. and i bought him a beautiful luch just to say thank you.  We drove to the spot and sat on the beach for a while watching people do yoga , waiting for them to open so we  could get on board and go.  We were not dissapionted with half a hour we had our first Whale sighting, { his name was TAKA } so many dolphins you didnt know where to look first , several fur seals came to say hi . And i will admit i actually cried when the Whale decided it was time to desend.

It wasn't until our journey back my dad came through " so Bergi what did you think to that then ?, now you know why it was hard for me to be ashore ".

When i turned to face hubby along side him stood my dad, his mum and his grandma , my mum came and stood beside me . " its ok bergi we are here for you with all the love and support you need, dont give up hope it will be a long while yet, but your doing great. ". when your asked by your hubby why are your crying and you cannot tell him why its hard. I know they've all been there with us while we've been having our little adventures. I know they have found it funny to watch him cook on the open grill outside, { he doesnt cook at home its a pink job }. I know my dad is there watching me trying to ride the bike, my mum even tells me to keep my eyes on the road.

knowing i have the love and support form our loved ones on the otherside has been a big help. knowing i have the support from this wonderful community has been a huge help. and i THANK YOU ALL.

hopefully i will be back on your development groups soon , but between hubby and work its been hard.

i hope you enjoy what is next to come for us all. love and light { bergi }



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Tina Marie


Thank you so much Beverely for sharing your journey!  I too can relate.  I recently had a very dear friend pass due to cancer.  His wife, my love Mark, Me and two other friends were there when he passed.  This situation has taken up my life for the past couple of months and I've found it hard to commit to anything.  All I can do is live moment to moment but I've learned that is all we have!  Enjoy your moments with your hubby and know that even though you may not be here in person (so to speak) you are always in our hearts and on our minds!  Sending you Peace, Love and Joy!

Tina ????

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Bergi, life is life and we have to follow it because it is ours to live it...!!! (there is a reason I used Bergi and not Bev - I am sure you got my point!!!)

Enjoy every minute of it, be with your hubby, do what you have to do! We never lose each other when we don't want to, we never forget each because it's love that brought us together and its love that is keeping us together! ❤️ 


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Beverley Pennell


Thank you Elena, having you in my life when it gets tough has been fantastic. 

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When it gets tough, when it gets beautiful, when it just is! That's what we do for each other love ❤️ 

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Thank you for sharing your experience with us Beverley. How beautiful it must have been to receive such a beautiful message from your loved ones. I was reminded of an experience similar in where I nursed my mum during chemotherapy. It was hard just like you put it. But there were moments just like you experienced that filled me with so much love and even now when I remember them, I still feel that love. My mum has passed over, but I too have seen her and have been truly grateful for those moments we have been able to connect for they have come at some very difficult times in my life as well. Thank you again, for being brave and sharing and allowing us to learn and feel from your experiences. Much love to you, your husband and your family Xx

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