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A Thank you to everyone for your support

Beverley Pennell


Good morning to you all.  This is just a quicky to say thank you to everyone who has shown me support through out my journey so far.  And to ask others how does your human jobs have an effect on your chosen spiritual path.

After been shown love and guidance this morning from Peter and melissa due to a situation at work last night. I did eventually get alittle sleep.  As I was nodding off I asked my guides why that situation had happened.  And was told we would never give you anything you couldn't handle.  You were there for a reason . .

So on behalf of myself and my spirit team I thank you for my earthly support.  

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Hi Beverley, i work as a care assistant, some shifts as senior some as a carer, sometimes i become really frustrated with other staff and the actions/ attitudes they display with fulfilling their role. sometimes i find it really hard to understand why they are in the job. but my spiritual path has gave me the ability recently to be able to look at these people and understand that our perspectives and understandings may be different and it has allowed me to carry out my role in a more peaceful manner. i suppose it has calmed me a lot as a person.

In regards to the experiences we face in this role i am able to find comfort in their passings even though i still feel the sadness, throught my spiritual beliefsi can find that their suffering has ended and appreciate the love and bond we have shared still continues. i also feel it a great pleasure to have been able to meet these people, supoort them and ultimately hold their hands at the end and i may seem a little crazy here but i truely believe they can sense our spirituality and find some comfort there. Also appreciating their visits after passing and the love still shared between us. 

i have found that these situation we face in the work place can allow us to grow and hold more compassion for others even if we struggle to see things from their perspective x

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You are such a beautiful soul, Bev, keep doing what you are doing, I know you have the struggles with this job, but you are really helping so much for these souls who pass, Much love, Carly x

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