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Just talking with family

Beverley Pennell


Today my youngest grandson turned 5.  We had the family cake candles and ballons,  My son in laws mum came over for a chat,  so how long have you been working in the crystal shop , oh about 5 weeks but i help out only on a Tuesday it helps the owner out , she doesn't have to shut the shop if she has a reading.

Explain what you mean by a reading, i did and she looked at me gone out. Do you do that ?, yes i said.   What you  really  talk to dead people?, well they talk to me if i have a sitter , or if i meditate and need some advice.   oh she said.

She knows  i do holistic healing things as she came over a few times.  After looking at me for the rest of the night she popped over, i will come and see you and your friends one day.  Thank you bev. No problem i replied anytime.

when we were in the car coming home my youngest daughter well i never,  I think her dad needs a word or two hey mum.


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Tina Marie


Thank  you for sharing!  You never know how people will respond!  This was great! ?

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Beverley Pennell


MY Son in laws family have always looked at me alittle oddly, mind you i would aswell.  But its nice that they are coming round and are now asking questions.

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