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Trying to spread the love

Beverley Pennell



Firstly i would like to apologize for missing out on the meditation, and the last of the mentorship we had. I was helping a friend out at her crystal shop and we had a few people in, so i didn't turn my phone on.

The topic of conversation of course was about the virus that has hit the world so badly, and how we are fixating on the need for toilet roll , hand sanitizer, tissues ,pasta , and rice. but we had all noticed that bottled water is going off the shelves rather quickly. Whats wrong with the tap ????? Whats wrong with soap and hot hot water?????The need for toilet in such large quantities has blown us all away but still there isn't any on the shelves.

But there is till large amounts of fruit and veg although the prices are going up alittle, 

Anyway at the door way stood an elderly gentleman who was a friend of the shop owner who had just popped in to say he had kept his hospital appointment and he wanted to tell her what they had to say to him,  a few of the people moved, but some just stared at him .I thought that was a bit rude so i called him over.He need chat to someone and it was a change of subject and it was private, the other people were just chatting so move over i thought ( not very nice of me , but he was a nice old guy ).

When we , managed to get him through walker and all, he was exhausted, the owner had her chat and he was looking depressed , so i thought bugger it , there is no age limit to what we do, no one was on my massage bed, and my hot rocks were calling his name.  I asked him if he would like a treat, showed him the table explained what i did and how it might benefit him,  his lovely eyes lite up. up you pop and off we go. He fell asleep snuggled up under the hot rocks and a fleece on top of him. He was there for an hour. We let him come round of his own accord, gave him a drink and sat and listened to him open up about his life. I know have a beautiful new friend who every tuesday is going to let me treat him just because i can. All it is costing me is my time, and if that is all that is needed then why not.

The owner didn',t like the idea to much why i asked,  what about the money exchange, he gave me a kiss on the cheek that was enough.

Does Money always have to be an issue. I have a new friend that will do me.





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