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Reverse Aging?

Tina Marie


Hi Everyone!  As usual I have been busy learning as much as I can!  Recently I listened to  a seminar on how to reverse aging! 

Now for those of you that don't know me I must admit that I have been learning that lesson my whole life... It all started when I was 13 years old. 

I remember going to Florida on vacation and  when I went out to the pool there was this lady laying on a lounger.  She was tanning herself.   First I wondered why she was doing that because from what I could tell that was the last thing she needed to be doing.  She was already tan!  Once I got past that point I quickly realized that "Tanning = Wrinkles"  Yes that woman was wrinkled all over!  Her skin looked like leather that wasn't conditioned. ????  I decided right then and there that I wouldn't look like her when I grew up!  

I can truthfully say that I've only worked on my tan twice in my life since then!  I had to prove to myself that I could tan and then I was done. ????  Yes I can get a tan and when I do it isn't on purpose. ???? 

Now what does that have to do with Reverse Aging?  Well nothing, but in order for you to appreciate the rest of this story I thought I would give you a baseline.  Besides if you are young maybe you will learn the lesson!  ???? 

I've always been one to promote breath work to help with stress when counseling my clients.  I knew that it always helped me so I figured it would help others.  ????  During this seminar today I learned that there has been scientific proof that breath work can help with aging!  Especially aging with the brain!  Who knew?  I didn't!  You see stress will age you, as most of you know, so the more you can breathe through all situations the less stress it puts on the body especially the brain!  Added benefit, Less stress means less wrinkles!  Less wrinkles means younger looking and feeling you! ????

Meditation is another form of Reverse Aging!  Yes, when we can meditate to relax it gives our body a chance to rejuvenate!  Now we all know that meditating is one of the best things we can do for our mind and spirit, and now we know that it can help the brain rejuvenate!  Yes the brain!  Studies have been done to prove this!  So what am I going to do more of?  I'm glad you asked!  Breathe and Meditate!

It's funny because my Guides always tell me what I should do, and what to say to my clients, and without realizing it (until today) I had no idea how good it was for my brain!  I feel blessed to finally find this out!  You see my mother was diagnosed with Dementia.  It may be to late for her, but it isn't too late for me to work on my brain!  I hope this helps some of you to know!

Sending you all a Blessing of Perfect Health!

Tina ???? 


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Oh this so true yes!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

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