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A Loss :(

Tina Marie


Hello everyone!  Like Beverley I too have been away from the community for a while.  Not by choice, but due to circumstances not in my control... to a degree.  My dear friend passed away to due cancer.  We were blessed enough to be with his wife when it happened.  It was a peaceful passing for him.  We had the privilege of being there a couple of days earlier when he was coherent enough to make jokes and keep us laughing.  We told him to say hi to two other dear friends that passed in the last year and expressed to him that they were waiting with drinks in hand!  At that moment we toasted him and gave him our love!  He loved that!  

It's funny how life goes.  You just never know what's going to happen.  The week that he passed Mark and I were supposed to go on a mini vacation.  3 days before we were supposed to leave I looked at Mark with tears in my eyes and said, "I can't go.  I don't think Ben will make it and I need to be here for Pat."  Mark hugged me and said, "Ok then we stay."  We were so glad we did.  Even though we were only going to be 5 hrs away it was just to far.

Being an Empath I have learned to trust my intuition and when the Spirits tell me something I listen.  I hope you all do too because you never know what you will miss if you don't.

Sending you all a Blessing with the Ability to Listen!

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Sending hugs dear lady your way.  Im so glad you listened.  You are such a shining star in my life and of others.  Lots of love.  

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Tina Marie


Thank you Carly and Sheena!  I so appreciate both of you!! ❤️

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