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Stepping out of the BOX!

Tina Marie


Hi Everyone! 

So if you have ever had an interest in Numerology and are tired of the cookie cutter ones you normally receive I highly suggest you take Julian's Numerology Course!  One of the things I love about Julian is he always does everything out of the box.  I guess I'm one of those people that need "Permission" so to speak to step out of the box.  ???? 

In his course Julian tells you to use your Spirit Guides etc.  Don't just copy and past what he wrote in the course.  I thought now that is something I can do seeing as I do that everyday!

I quickly learned how to do his version of Numerology and wanted to take it out for a test run to see how I would do.  I offered  the reports for free to a few people.... The response I received was nothing short of amazing.  ????  I feel like I have added another gift to the many I already have!  Thank you so much Julian for teaching me yet again that we are all unique, have unique gifts, and we should use all of them!!  I think I'm finally out of the box!

I highly recommend that if you have been wanting to do Numerology and want to stand out among the crowd... TAKE JULIAN'S COURSE!!

I think I need to put that last line on Udemy.  LOL I think I will!

Thanks for reading!  I hope you are all getting out there and stepping out of your box!  It sure is freeing!

Blessings of Freedom are being sent to all of you!!

Tina ???? 

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