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Wisdom from my Spirit Guides

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Successful Encounter!

Tina Marie


Hi Everyone!  I hope you are all doing well!  I have been super busy lately, but I had to share something!  I'm sure most of you use essential oils.  I do, but usually it's in a diffuser, and I put it in my room when I mediate.  Yesterday, I had to confront someone, and I knew it would be a very stressful situation for me so I called in my Archangels for Protection and asked them to give me the words.  My Spirit Guides to guide me in what to say and when to say it! And any other Spirits that wanted to come forward to help me.  LOL 

My goal was not to attack, judge or get angry, but to show love and compassion.  My oldest daughter came to mind right before I left, and so I called her.  She works with essential oils all the time, and I had some so I asked her if what I had would work.  She said yes!  After I breathed a huge sigh of relief I asked her what I should do.  She told me that Frankincense can be used on the bottom of your feet to release negative energy.  I put it on and placed some JOY oil... a combination of different oils, on a bracelet that I have just for that!  Off I went!  I could feel the negative energy leaving my body almost immediately.  Whew!  By the time I reached my destination I was actually calm. 

During my conversation if I found myself getting upset I would raise my bracelet to my nose and take a deep breath! LOL Now I'm sure the deep breath helped too, but so did the wonderful smell of JOY!  I think I put so much on that everyone could smell it.  I'd like to think that helped the situation.  I'm happy to say that by the time I left everyone was happy and on the same page.  (this was a family thing) AND I DIDN'T LOSE MY COOL!

I know that without a doubt the Archangels were there, my Spirit Guides were there guiding me the whole way, and using the essential oils helped.  I felt prepared! 

Being an Empath, it has been incredibly difficult for me not to react to negative situations without going crazy angry... when it comes to family!  I put off dealing with situations because of it!  In this past year I have been working very hard to get control of my emotions, and everybody elses that decides to attach themselves to me!  LOL Mostly learning the difference and how to let go of those energies! 

Julians classes have helped me so much!  I have grown and continue to grow as a person and Spiritual Light in this world.  Where 2020 was the worst year ever for many, it was the Best year ever for me!  I have my tribe of people that I know I can trust and reach out to for support!  This has been huge for me!  I"m not alone anymore!  Julian keeps creating more and more courses, and I keep taking them to continue to learn!

Yesterday was huge for me!  I proved to myself that I can with all the support I have in the Spirit World be the person I have always wanted to be!  My Gifts are growing stronger to the point where I don't question myself anymore!  I am secure telling people that I am an Empath, Psychic, Medium and Tarot Card Reader.  I do speak to the Angels and Spirit Guides Daily!  I have support!  I am never Alone!  I feel Secure and Safe!

If you don't feel that way about your gifts know that you need to trust what comes through!  Keep practicing!  Have Faith to know that you are on this site for a reason!  Accept your circumstances!  AND FIND JOY IN EVERYTHING!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story.  I just had to share my huge moment with all of you Bright Lights!


Tina ????

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