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Wisdom from my Spirit Guides

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Tina Marie


Hi Everyone!  Well life is always changing!  Change is always good, but sometimes it doesn't feel like it at the time.  Right now I'm going through some stuff and my guides ask me... "Tina what would you tell your clients?"  When I respond they say, "Exactly!" 

It's always so much easier to help others because we see their situation much clearer than we do our own.  Why is that?  ????  Well I think because we let fear take over when we should find peace.  Recently I did just that.  I let fear take over the situation and realized that this is happening for a reason and I need to step back and see why.  I have to be honest I'm not exactly sure. LOL  I am however,  continuing to listen to my guides and trust they have my back... even when I can't see how it will all work out.  ???? 

Are you trusting the change is best for you?  What lesson can you learn?  I'm finding that out mine right now!

I hope you all have a Blessed Day filled With LOVE and REASSURANCE!

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