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Life! Is your Human having an Experience?

Tina Marie


Hi Everyone!

Life happens, we know that because we live it.  Some of us live in the moment... some live in the past and others live in the future.  I'm living in the moment and "My Human is having an Experience".  The first time I heard that I thought what a great way to live!  A very wise woman (Christine Rogerson) told me that recently when I was going through something (still am).  I found it to be freeing!  I worked through my issues as a "Human" and then I went back to being the loving "Spirit" that I am!  

So many times we try to avoid the pain life brings us.  We know that flying away isn't the answer, running away isn't the answer, or doing nothing isn't always the answer.  So what do we do.  Well, we have to acknowledge that it is happening.  That's the easy part. LOL  This next part can be a bit more challenging.  Don't get angry, frustrated or sad because then who ever is doing this thing to you gets all the power.  Breathe first, acknowledge your "Human is Having an Experience" (haha) then Breathe again, Feel the emotions, Breathe at least one more time and then tell your human that they have a certain amount of time and the pitty party is over!  LOL!

Letting go of the control in my case was a bit hard, but doing this technique made it a lot easier!  When I realized that my Human was having an experience I also realized that my Spirit didn't need to be part of it. I could learn from the experience and grow!  I know that when I look back on this one day I will realize it was the best thing that ever happened!  Not crazy about going through it though!  BUT I'm moving forward and living each moment as it comes!

When life gets a bit challenging for you, remember that "Your Human is having an Experience".  Apply the knowledge and grow! 

I hope this help!

Sending all of you a Blessing of Pure Love, Joy and Peace!

Tina :)

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