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Tina Marie


So lately this question has come up a lot. Can we call upon the Archangels and if we do how often can we reach out to them?   I'm going to share my opinion and experience in regard to this issue.  Before I can do that, however I have to go back in time...

Growing up I always knew there was more to life than what I was experiencing.  I was always in seek mode, searching for the truth.  Some people would tell me that I couldn't go to God for anything because that wasn't his job.  You had to go to someone/something else.  I figured if I couldn't go the head honcho that wasn't something I wanted to be part of.  

Fast forward.  I found Jesus.  I could accept that He was God who came to earth.  Jesus was the closest being to God, because he was God.  

Fast forward.  I believe Jesus came to earth to enlighten everyone.  He came to show them how to love one another.  He came to explain about the Universe.  I've talked to Jesus many, many times over the years.  Even recently when he came to me, and told me that he was like us.  Like us in the way that we can speak to the spirit world.  Like us in that he was a healer, psychic, he had abilities to change energy, he was spreading love and compassion.  He was the light!

Fast forward to now.  I have grown so much in the past few years as many of you have!  My Eyes have been opened.  The veil has been removed.  The energy shift that has come to this world has been nothing short of amazing!  The shift continues to open peoples eyes to the truth about life.  The truth that many years ago no one wanted to listen to or even try to accept.  I now understand it is all about the energy!  We are all connected!  We are one!  We have the ability to shift the energy in our own world, but we also have Spirit Guides, Archangels, Spirit Animals, our Galactic Teams, friends and family that have passed, and so much more that we haven't discovered!  If your view of life is that it is all about the energy, then we are all connected energetically!  That connection shifts everything in my belief world.  We all work together for the greater good.  We are here to grow, learn, share, explore and be amazed!

Having said all of that I bring us back to the Archangels.  ?  Archangels are here to help us too!  We can call upon them anytime we need them.  There is no limit as to how many times we can reach out to them.  They will enlighten us.  Go on journeys with us.  Speak to us.  Help us speak to others!  Protect us and so much more!  I have spoken to them several times and they say the same thing.  We are here to help everyone anytime they need it.  ? 

Well there you have it!  My opinion and the way I see it.  Some of you may disagree with me, and that is totally fine.  I just had to share because "They" told me too! ?  Oh and in writing this I asked Archangel Ariel to give me the words to say... She did. ? 

Sending you all a Blessing of Pure Love and Light!

Tina ? 

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