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A Crazy Dream with Bees?

Tina Marie


Hi Everyone!

I had this dream and I was wondering if anyone could explain it to me. ?  I was told there was a new treatment for health.  It was bees.  I was walking on a beach and I saw this man putting bees on another mans body.  One by one he carefully placed the stinger end of the bee in neat rows all over the other mans body.  I had never seen anything like that before and said, "I don't think I could do that!  I would be too afraid."  The person with me smiled.  We walked on and there was another treatment, but it was with water.  The water was filled in the long piece of plastic and you would stand in it.  The funny thing is the water was encased in the plastic so it never touched you.  The next thing I know I'm in a room and they said, "We can fix her nose".  I remember thinking, do I need a nose job? ?  They were going to use the bees! ?  I laid down and they put a towel over my mouth, and face just exposing my nose.  I had to open my mouth to breathe, but I only did it a little because I didn't want the bees to get in. ?  Then I woke up!  Whew!  Glad I missed the treatment!  Is there some significance with the bees??  Or anything.  Or was it just a crazy wild dream I don't care to repeat. ?

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Melissa Kennedy


Oh my! Very interesting! I am not a fan of bees being near me.  Now don’t get me wrong, some of them are beautiful creatures! But, bee therapy probably would not work for me.  I had an experience with bees But, I experienced their visit psychically in the physical.  This was definitely very vivid and you remember so many details.  This tells me it was more than just a dream! It was a teaching dream of some sort.   You will figure it out! ?

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Tina Marie


Thanks Melissa! ?  I looked up Bees and they can be Spirit animals!  Here is something that I think they were trying to say.  

Dreaming about working bees. If you dreamed about working bees, such a dream is a good sign indicating happiness and success.

They were working and even though I didn't want them on me it was fascinating to see them work on someone else.  ?  So who knows!  There are so many ways to interpret the dream.  I did however resonate with that meaning.  I will say I will never look at bees the same! ? 

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