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Times They Are A Changin

Julian Jenkins


Times they are changing 

I haven't written a blog for a while, due to being so busy on other areas and spiritual projects. I was inspired to write today when Ronnie came to me and said for the times they are a-changing and of course, straight away my mind went to the Bob Dylan classic.

The times are changing and I believe that when we all come out of this historic period the need to help others with the awakening that has taken.

It gives us the chance to be able to learn, grow and transform into the spiritual beings with clarity and purpose.

We will then be able to help those people to help themselves to also live this happy healthy balanced spiritual life with clarity and purpose.

The time will come when we all have to answer the call because I know the Times They Are A Changin




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Tina Marie


Thank you for sharing!  I actually was talking to a client today, and told her she is awakening! They wanted her to accept, let go, and she will do amazing things, and help a lot of people.  At first she said no, but by the end of the conversation she was on board.  ? Love when that happens! ? 

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Beverley Pennell


Yes Julian you are absolutely right. 

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Melissa Kennedy


Yes they are! I hope that there will be more light than darkness when we step out of our slumber and into this new normal.  ✌??? 

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