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We Are Light

Julian Jenkins


We are all human and we have ups and downs and over the past and in the future but we must always remember that our awakening has started because we had an experience or a thought where we questioned the status quo and that is more today than ever. Now we are awakening we can truly turn on our light, we can illuminate our soul, with love, compassion and kindness. The world is calibrating right now and we know that once this situation has passed our light needs to shine brighter than ever, our awakening and enlightenment will guide us to be the souls' purpose. If you are feeling down at the moment or if you are hitting a patch of uncertainty be certain of one thing you are light you have the god particle inside you and that light deserves and needs to shine bright. So dust ourselves off and shine bright my friends. Here is a beautiful song to lift us and remember we are here to shine x x


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Melissa Kennedy


Feeling the exact same thing right now! Thanks you for sharing your light! 

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Yes!! I have been at a low lately and feel that time is coming that my light will shine brighter than ever! I'm letting myself feel everythung going on and giving myself love and compassion. To rest right niw so that I may be ready, and kniw that I'm here with those that love & care for me also, that we all will be here to support each other in the coming days

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