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Spiritual Acceptance

Julian Jenkins


We all know that on times this spiritual journey can be a very lonely place, a place where we are not only struggling with our inner acceptance but when we come out the acceptance of others. This acceptance can be extremely painful especially when that non-acceptance is from the ones we love the most. 

I can speak from experience and say that even today I keep certain aspects of my spiritual life and journey to myself and I keep my court.

I know that I won't be accepted by everyone and my spirituality and beliefs are not common ground, but my normal human life wasn't accepted by all so why should my spiritual one.
Acceptance I have learnt is the key to a happy existence but the hardest to cultivate.

In many ways we use acceptance as a one-way road we expect acceptance of others but we don't like the fact that values and beliefs don't resonate with ours and we can't accept their non-acceptance.
How does that work?

I have now got myself to a place of acceptance of all non-acceptance and that means it's ok not to be accepted but I have to sit with the acceptance of non-acceptance. 

For me, our journey and how we live our lives is true to our soul, but we have to understand that it's our journey and compassion and empathy is key to this journey. 

The need to practice what we preach again is key for us to walk forward and that walk may have to be with the non-acceptance of those who love us most. 

So from today onwards, try to cultivate and grow acceptance of non-acceptance towards yourself and you will see the weight lift from those spiritual shoulders.

Be Love & Give Love

Enjoy the Music 


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