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Little By Little

Julian Jenkins



Little By Little 

Coming from the UK and being in my prime of youth in the early 90's Oasis were a band that hit the scene and I lived in Manchester at the time which amplified the belonging to this music.

On Sunday, June 14th I completed my spiritual room project which has taken almost two years in the making. 

Every day I would do something towards getting it to an environment and space that allows me to sit, be and grow.

The energy has built over this period and the finances for the room has been organic, making and purchasing things as I went along.

It all takes time, but when you love, trust and surrender you internally know your thoughts in your mind will turn into a manifestation that allows you to transform and live the spiritual life you want with clarity and purpose. 

This room looks beautiful and it is, it's me its everything I want it to be, but behind the bright lights, spiritual objects are my tears, my traumas, my shadows everything that I have had to experience to be here today. 

We experience these things to make us the spiritual soul we are and little by little every day we grow and on an odd day we move forward, this isn't something that can be rushed, but stay true to your soul, stay true to your dream and little by little you will get there. 

It's not without its scars and tattoos.

Here are Oasis and the song that epitomises this post and my beautiful spiritual room Little By Little.



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Melissa Kennedy


The force ? is strong in this one ...

& Then the mind went here .. 

It is all deeper than we can imagine!


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