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Julian Jenkins


I have been to plenty of venues and sat in lots of church services to see that the movement of spiritualism is on a life support machine. Some people within the organisation may disagree and that is the beauty of life, it is all about opinions.

What I am seeing is depleting numbers and content that is no longer current or relevant to the next generation who really want to be involved, but like the energy to walk through the door or to sit on the chair in circle.

We are blessed to have so many of our forefathers before us who have achieved and done so many truly amazing things. I am at the moment reading the book about Gordon Higginson and what a booked it is, what I would have given to be in one of his many classes he took at Arthur Findlay College.

As I am writing this blog I am also thinking there is no need to be critical, but to emphasise the need to start to write the next chapter.

What does this chapter look like is the million-dollar question, but what is for sure the days of long and on times self-indulgent philosophy has to go and the generic nature of some evidence has to be changed.

I am lucky, and I will say this as there is a constant theme and humbleness to my life, but when you work with some of the best teachers in the world your views, horizon and the height of your bar changes.

If we are going to write the next chapter our services have to be more powerful, more meaningful and much sharper. We need to talk in a way that leaves so much for the audience to build out themselves. In fact, we should be doing talks that leave so many questions so many new ideas and so many penny drop moments its untrue.

Our mediumship and the way we teach, and practice have to change, it is too samey and passive. Connecting to the spirit world and bringing through loved ones, family and friends then let's not waste it with the same line we walk.

We have all seen it and I was the worst: I have a grandfather who has grey hair and a lovely smile he was smartly dressed and a man who could be soft but hard at the same time.

Let's stop that when the gentleman comes in as a medium let’s have a conversation lets stretch ourselves lets push the boundaries lets raise the bar and let's provide mind-blowing evidence that without doubt provides the evidence of eternal love.

This step is going to take a while, but unless we start to move that bar and start to work on it in circle and practice we are never going to change.

Let’s be honest if we bring through the Grandfather of someone in the audience he won't want to be described to his loved ones like that he will want to say hello can you remember the time at Christmas when you kissed me for the princess dress you had, can you remember the time when it was just me and you fishing and you caught your first fish and we took it home for tea.

We want first class mind-blowing evidence, not can anyone take The Sound Of Music.

I sound harsh maybe, but I want you to understand I'm not being harsh I'm being passionate about how we keep this amazing movement going forward that is current and relevant to today's world.

Let's sharpen up and develop to the next level and this site is there for people to learn from others and practice getting right on the tips of their toes and stretching their mediumistic skills to the point of breaking.

Let us not let our forefathers down and let's make Gordon Higginson and others even prouder to see what they had started and of course going further back those before.

As Mr Bowie said there must be Changes


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