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Whats It All About Alfie?

Julian Jenkins


Sitting in my car this morning on the way to my restaurant to open up for the builder, I got thinking about a forthcoming mediumship workshop and talk I will be delivering at the end of October. 

I thought to myself why do we become mediums why do we want to connect with spirit what are our motivations and how do we stay true to self.

I think personally that people enter into mediumship because they have either had an experience of spirit or what to learn more because they have been intrigued in one way or another and feel drawn to spiritualism.

The ability to have a connection of self is vital the ability to be able to develop a connection with spirit is paramount on our mediumistic pathway.

I see on several occasions that the initial reason for developing this skill seems to be diluted by both the attention and ego that takes over, we forget the reason we came in, which was to be closer to spirit and help people through messages evidence and empathy.  I see the focus shifting to become a tad selfish on focusing on ourselves being better, being good just developing for self without the thought for spirit or our true meaning our higher purpose and certainly not valuing our spiritual values.

What's it all about?

For me, it comes back to Be Love and Give Love, and in its most naked and simplistic form loving your self, being connected with yourself this is the first love. Secondly loving others, being patient, showing empathy in all cases and working to raise the vibration of love on the earth through deeds, words and actions staying strong to our spiritual value base.

We must always start with the end in mind and that is to serve spirit, connect with self Be Love, help others Give Love and provide Evidence of eternal love.

Providing evidence of eternal love is a blessing. Watching as the messages and evidence from spirit resonate with those who are the blessed recipients are the true reasons for our work.

Although we are all on our own personal pathways we must never forget the bigger picture and the ultimate goal of spirit.

If there are times when you feel confused, lonely or you’re a tad too big for your shoes, just ask yourself the question: What's it all about Alfie?

Take a moment to enjoy the unique and wonderful talent of Cilla Black, god bless her.


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