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Higher Love

Julian Jenkins


The more I work with spirit the more I teach spirituality the more I understand.

We all need to live our lives more spiritually we need to love ourselves we need to connect with ourselves and everything else will flow.

I keep saying and I believe it to be true that there is a sad like of spirit in spirituality and spiritualism. That divine connection on times has been traded for the end product of mediumship and the insatiable desire for messages or readings.

Working as a psychic medium is an important blessing, but it has to be part of a spiritual existence and not a stand-alone service.

I truly believe that the ability to connect with spirit starts with self and the need to connect with yourself.

The need to create your own spiritual beliefs and values is vital.

The need to develop your energy and how are you going to consistently raise the vibration of love, peace and understanding today, tomorrow and the next day.

I am being told by spirit that it is a time to work on self and to build your love and spiritual connection, but first, we have to clear our energy fields, thoughts, doubts and emotions to allow our body, mind and soul to be in a place of calm, stillness, love and peace, with no repressed emotions.

This is not easy and will take time, but it has a big part to play on our journey to spirit.

I truly believe that your connection with spirit can only be true if you have a connection with self. How can you make a phone call if the phone is not plugged in or you don't have a signal?

My advice is starting making strides to connect with self and not only will your spiritual life change and become stronger but so too will you're physical.

The song I keep hearing here is Higher Love by Steve Winwood.

Would love to know your thoughts below.


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