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Rip It Up & Start Again

Julian Jenkins


Having worked in a certain way all my life when it comes to mediumship, can you imagine my surprise when I went to Arthur Findlay college only to be told, there is another way.

I truly believe this was a polite way of saying, I am the wrong way around. In fact, when I did arrive I can remember have a strong debate with someone who had been to the college on so many occasions and had the exposure of the wise shining lights.

It wasn’t until the Monday evening when another penny dropped and my guides said to me: Now do you see what she meant. Those words will stay with me forever along with being told to: rip it up and start again, instantly I had the track from 80’s band orange juice ringing in my ears, but the message was clear START OVER and so I did. Just for those who love 80's soft punk I have added the pop video to listen to.

Key to that change was having the ability to create a silence a space a place that was empty. You may think what is he on about surely you want the opposite a place with lots of noise and spiritual people.

You are right, but by creating that space and moving your human to one side spirit will fill that space they will never leave you hanging.

This was a game-changer for me and the ability to then have a direct one to one conversation with spirit really brought my evidence through the gears.

There are many techniques to achieve the space and also the communication when the space has been filled, but thinking of things differently when my experiences have been a well-trodden path of institutionalisation the whole picture opened up and everything became clearer.

Providing compelling, unique and accurate evidence is the key to any demonstration or private sitting so we must strive to achieve this. Creating that amazing space for spirit to join us is pivotal to us achieving the next level and in a particular as in a previous blog post the next chapter.

Light and Harmony has been created to help those people who want to join us to develop with techniques, beliefs and values that will take their mediumship to the next level and beyond. 

We want to achieve our potential and when we cross over to spirit whoever is waiting for us will clap us home on a job well done.


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