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Come Together

Julian Jenkins


When you are a young man in a very alpha male environment and you are very much aware of spirit where do you turn?

What if you are more spiritual than religious, what if you don’t have the confidence to walk through the door to a development circle, there are so many what-ifs we could write a new tapestry on the subject.

The reality is there are many many people who don’t know which way to turn. So many people who have had experiences with spirit that they can't understand and even worse than that have someone they can talk to.

You see when you are with spirit you have more people in your life, but the reality is although there are more people around you, the loneliness is there at every junction you turn. This is because you feel that people won't understand you, people won't get what you're saying and if you are a young lad like I was you are too scared to in fear of being the brunt of everyone's jokes.

Well, times are changing and peoples beliefs, tendencies and lives are more accepted now than ever, praise the lord!!!!

The issue is although you may now be more open to having the conversation with people the issue still remains where do you turn and who do you talk to.

The very fact you are reading this article and the very fact you are thinking oh my god that’s me, for me means we are nearly there. You are at the very point you can surround yourself with other people who have been what you have been through. 

You are around likeminded people who get you, who don’t judge and who are empathetic to your situation and needs.

Welcome to Light and Harmony.

There is now a place to turn there is a place to open up in a place us spiritualists call home.

Please feel free to email us or contact us and we will be there to help you, we will be able to provide answers to those questions that have been on your mind.

We are there for each other and we want to ensure that we develop to our full potential along our spiritual pathway.

So don’t feel alone anymore reach out and we will help lets come together.


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