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If There's A Bustle In Your Hedgrow

Melissa Kennedy


Hang with me here!

I woke up today with a song in my mind! I know that my guides were working on me

with the song 'Stair Way To Heaven',  which I have always loved, since I was a teen!

The lyrics that came to mind were;  the title of this new blog entry.  Then the song continued in my mind..

'If There's A Bustle In Your Hedgerow', don't be alarmed now..

It's just a Spring clean for the May Queen ..

Yes there are two paths you can go by but in the long run

There's still time to change the road your on.

Ding, Ding, Ding, ...My guides reeled me in!

 'And It makes me wonder & BAM! It stopped!

Which brings me right back to my first entry to this blog, which was titled

'Spiritual Awakening',  and yes, the thought pattern continues and shifts!

Lets consider the word, 'wonder'.  I 'wonder', if the sun will shine today? 

When the sun shines, my heart and mind are filled with 'wonder'. 

Can you feel the difference in each use of wonder? Can you feel the shift in energy?

Now, let us ask ourselves.  While in the grips of our spiritual awakenings, have we ever 

wondered, has the cheese done slipped off of our cracker? Have I flipped my little 

wiggy? I wonder? But then! You find your new band of kindreds, your soul tribe, 

and suddenly, the sun shines, we laugh and we share! We place our cheese atop of our

favorite cracker, we have a glass of wine and rest in the knowing that it is okay to wonder!

If we lose our wonder, we lose the part of ourselves that is innocence, pure bliss, and joy!

Keep walking the path of your 'Spiritual Awakening'! It will always keep you wondering! 

This I know to be true.  When I sit back and ponder where my 'wondering' has taken me,

I can not help but wonder where I will be led next!

How about you?

I of course have much more to add to this blog! Are you wondering?



Spiritual Awakening 

I have been pondering this topic a lot lately.  

Spiritual Awakening is defined very simply as; 

A place in time that marks the beginning of your initiation on your spiritual path.

We then discover while walking along our spiritual path, through our own spiritual awakening.

That the pursuit of money, material possessions and all that the world teaches us

is the path to true happiness and success, becomes something that no longer seems as important.

Our spiritual eyes open, and we discover, understanding, love, compassion, empathy, and kindness,

are truly the best riches we can carry with us along this path of 'spiritual awakening'.

The very process of waking up spiritually, may be something you have been doing from your

earliest recollection or you may have  woken up one day and asked yourself, what is my purpose?

There has to be more to life than this! Or maybe, you had a series of undeniable synchronicities, signs?

Maybe you had an experiences that shook every fiber of your being, and turned your world upside down?

Perhaps the loss of a loved one, a friend, a pet?  Piece by piece, it may have felt like your life had fallen 

apart, and only ashes remained.  I have learned that the fires that I have walked through, and the ashes that

remained, brought me to a place of higher understanding. Yes, the fires of life burn, they are not seen by those

around us, yet, we know they are real, we experience them.  When we walk out of these personal fires.

We emerge each time as new person, a transformed person, a person who not only understands themselves but, we also seek

to empathize with those that have been forged through these fires, and have walked out, on the other side. 

Totally reborn, totally prepared to pick up the diamonds of wisdom that the fires created and ashes left behind!

Each and every one of us is walking this path of 'Spiritual Awakening'.  It is a process that is life long, no matter where

you are in your own personal 'spiritual awakening', please know, you are never alone, and nothing you could tell any one of us

here in this community, would surprise us in any way! Things are not always what they appear to be.

We see things in a whole new light, we experience life in a whole new way.  We all do this, each and every day! 

I will be writing more about my own personal 'spiritual awakening', in the days to come. 

I do this because, I feel that we are all student's and we are all teachers.  There is no way, one person could have all of the answers!

We work together, we put the pieces together as we go.

One day, the puzzle will come together perfectly.

When this happens, we can only imagine our total joy and bliss at the wonderful masterpiece our life became! 

Keep walking your 'spiritual path'! It is yours, and you are exactly where you are supposed to be! 

Peace, Love and Light! 




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Beverley Pennell


Absolutly beautifully written Melissa,

i have been going round and round  in circles chasing my tail like a lost puppy at times. From being a small child to this point in my life.

Only now is the world we live been making sense, The confusion is clearing in my mind, And for  once in my life i actually do not feel ashamed of the way i feel , the way i think, the way i see things,

From being told as child you are a nut job you are, To this point in my life where some friends think i am out the gate????? not quite got my head around that one.

I am thankful foer the friendships i have made with like minded people in this very happy tribe, the way we help, the way we comfort, the way we have brought each othe out of our shells, the confidence we have and show each other blows me away each day.

To you all i am thankful for having you all in my life.

And your I do have various songs that play in my head, and i know who they are from.

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Melissa Kennedy

Posted (edited)

Beverley:  You are beautifully you! Keep on being you! No one else can carry that torch you are carrying! Be the light that others need, and shine it on to yourself as well! I am so glad this resonated with you. It is amazing how our guides and inspirers work with us! One day it is a song, the next it may be a gentle breeze or a beautiful memory! It all just moves and flows so freely, we just have to dive in, and stay connected!!  xo 

Edited by Melissa Kennedy
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