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Lean On Me

Melissa Kennedy


Today, once again, my guides and helpers are working with me through friends, memories and music!

A friend on facebook posted that a singer song writer by the name of Bill Withers 

passed away on March 30, 2020 at the age of 81.  He wrote some very moving songs and one of 

my favorites of his was  'Ain't No Sunshine'.  I went to  listen to that song in his honor. 

It occurred to me while I listened, that we all want to be loved and missed in that way

by someone who deeply loves us. We want to be that sunshine, yet, we don't want to leave the ones that love us in want 

for our sunshine! In times like these it is so important to remember that we have to be that

sunshine, now more than ever! I then listened to my second favorite song of his which is

'Lean On Me'.  Never in the history of our collective time line have we needed a reminder like the lyrics

in this song! So, in honor of this multi talented singer and song writer.  I endeavor to be that

sunshine today, for someone! I also invite you to do the same and remember. 

I am here, you can always "Lean On Me". 

Love, Peace, Healing and Light



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Melissa Kennedy


Thank You Mandi I need to come up with a new blog, I will see what inspiration hits me tomorrow! ❤️

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