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Some food for thought and more...!



❤️Some food for thought, since we have more time than usual! ❤️
My thoughts on COVID-19 and what we are all going through these times.
I heard in the news today that this specific virus affects the immune system and turns it against the body itself. I am not a doctor nor an expert, for sure. I am a newly (to my conscious mind) started spiritual energy healer, if a label is needed.
A virus, that we allow it to come into our system, to destroy it from the inside by turning ourselves against us! Oh WOW!
What came in mind ASAP was self love, self compassion, self care and nurturing ourselves, our minds, our bodies. The temples of soul and spirit.
We don't love enough - or at all - ourselves and we have a dis-ease (heart chakra).
It’s all about the belief system each one of us carries through their path and all sums up in self love.
Today, hearing this in the news (not a trusted source for information – in my opinion – meaning I am questioning what I am hearing and what I am saying at the same time, right ha?), I was guided to share my thoughts and please do feel free to share yours.
I chose since Day 0, to act and live with no fear. I participate in gatherings all around the globe and chose to send love and healing energy to all. I pray for this to stop with as fewer loses as possible.
My first download about the corona virus was that it’s a disease of crown chakra. You see, in Greek, corona me ans crown. It’s about the connection with the divine, the spiritual world, the universe.
So, we have crown chakra and heart chakra. BOOM!
Open your hearts, trust and believe that you are guided and protected. Open your hearts to self love. Love yourselves!
My point is start loving yourselves. It is difficult, no one taught us how to. I cannot teach you how to. I am learning how to love myself and how to expand this kind of love.
I can only share what helped me start feeling self love. It is a personal process for everyone.
? Follow your daily routines on exercising even when being at home, for those facing general lockdowns.
? Keep a healthy nutrition plan (vegetables, fruits, vitamins etc). BTW vitamin C, vitamin D3 and Echinacea have amazing results. I also enjoy herb tea boiled with oregano. It boosts the immune system especially when having the flu (it's a traditional recipe from where I come from).
? Start dancing. Yeap, that’s right! Keep your vibrations as high as possible.
 ? Journal gratitude. It boosts your vibrations.
 ? You feel low in vibrations? Shake your body and let stagnate energy leave your body. Replace it with self love & self acceptance!
 ? Self amuse! Give a good laugh, it levels you up!
 ? Self hugs…you will start understanding how self love feels like… Talk to yourself, express the love even if it feels strange, bizarre or awkward at first!
 ? Start pondering on self love, on compassion… Questions – answers (how’s & why’s)
 ? Meditate, meditate, meditate!!! Mindfulness meditation, guided meditations on self love and compassion and so much more!!!
Mindfulness meditations support me in being centered and reduce anxiety levels. Also support me in being present and with clarity & concetration. (Thank you @Julian Jenkins for teaching us how to mindfully meditate!)
Mantras that I find useful and have helped me:
 I am self love.
  I activate self love.
  I am divinely guided and protected and always in the right place at the right time.
  Everything is working out.
  I am source and universe has my back.
  I surrender to the greatness of my soul.
  I unconditionally love and accept myself (from EFT technique).
  I am safe – I am healthy.
  I enjoy life every moment.
***Add your own***
Visualizations that support me:
? Visualize your heart chakra with a pink color opening and spinning at the right frequency. (self love)
 ? Repeat with green color. (love for others)
***Add your own***
For empaths:
? Ground yourselves more often than usual.
 ? Visualize a protective shield around you with a color of your choice. Add an emotion to the shield 1f609.png?
 ? Tap three times the thymus gland and think “Shield’s up” to be protected from the collective and others emotions for some hours. Color petrol (it's green from heart chakra and blue from throat chakra).
Last but not least:
? Practice the "no fear" thoughts and actions in your mind and life. Cause fear of the virus or any other fear, serves us NOT. Ponder a bit on that 1f609.png?
Many of these practices came through the initiations with James Seriph, the tribe, Julian Jenkins and all the work I am doing on myself. Many thanks to all and I hope and pray for the highest good of all.
Blessings to all! Let's allow harmony and balance enter our mind, spirit and soul.
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Thank you Elena! Beautiful and so many truths!! Would love to share this!!

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Tina Marie


So true Elena!  Thank you for sharing!  Might I add a couple of techniques that I found helped me. 

Healing the Child in You - Sit quietly and take 4 deep breaths.  Focus on your breath.  When you have done that ground yourself and then sit quietly.  Imagine that you are going back in time.  You are going to a time when you were about 5 years old.  You are standing at the front door of you house.  Open that door and walk in. (Let all emotions come) What do you feel?  Safe? Scared? Notice the emotion.  Now go into the bedroom and see yourself at 5 years old just sitting there.  Walk over to yourself and put your arms around you and tell yourself that everything will be ok.  Tell yourself you are beautiful.  Tell yourself you are loved…. anything you need to hear that is uplifting and encouraging.  Feel that secure hug and love. Cry if you need too.  When you are ready you can leave knowing that everything will be ok.  This exercise will help the future you.  You can do this several times if you need to.

Loving yourself - This is something that will take some time so be gentle with yourself.  Look in the mirror and tell yourself “I love you”.  In the beginning you may not believe it, but in time you will.  Tell yourself “I am Beautiful” “I am sexy” “I am perfect just the way I am” Say anything to make yourself know that you love yourself.  Your body and spirit will thank you!  Do this every day!

Sending a Blessing of Pure Love and Purified Source Energy!

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Posted (edited)

Reading your post/answer a huge smile is being created on my face (bigger than my avatar pic -hahahaha)... You warm my heart ❤️

I have been doing these exercises for some time now (since last August if I recall correclty..) and they made a huge change!!! 

To add something: with the inner child exercise, you can go back to traumatic moments/memories and heal from within! Any past traumas or misplaced beliefs are being healed and the present you and the future you, also! 

Also, working on forgiveness and love. Towards others and finally towards self, which could be the most difficult part. Accept - forgive - love. 

We grow together ?  Thank you Tina Marie!!!

P.S. These were exactly my daily affirmations... "I am beautiful" "I am sexy" "I am enough" "I am worthy" "I love myself" "I trust myself" "I believe in myself" “I am perfect just the way I am”

Needed to build and raise confidence and more... ❤️ 

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Tina Marie


Oh I like your ideas!  I will add them to my techniques that I give to my clients.

? ?  Thank you!

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Guide them through the process and the results will amaze you... ❤️ Your welcome!

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Tina Marie


I will!  I'm thinking about doing an audio file to help guide them.  Sometimes you just need guidance! ?  I'm so glad we have this site to share ideas and support each other!

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That's a good idea! You can search on Youtube for sounds on inner child. I was listening to that sound when I was doing this technique on myself! 

I am glad and grateful for this place, too!

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