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Spirit guides meditation



My fisrt acquaintance with my spirit guides was a bliss. I was standing by the fire trying to meet all of them, one by one. There was an elderly woman with long grey hair, a peaceful presence. I later learnt her name is Stella. She is a witch and a healer.

I met an Indian man with long black hair and he told me his name is "Dragon's heart". He is quite, not too talkative. He was sitting by the fire and had something in his hands. Then, an Indian young woman, who is here for protection and she is a nature lover. Her subtle energy is so powerful. I saw a young black man, with short curly hair, from Africa and he told me his name is Khain or Kein not sure yet. I always feel him close to me, guiding me in healings or whenever I have something to ask.

I also saw a german doctor, didn't quite understand his surname, "Dr. something". He is wearing glasses and he has a strict look filled with love. He is here to guide me with mental isssues and healing, he is a psychiatrist. 

I also saw a white middled aged man with black long hair behind his neck. His face is pale and he is so serene.

Also felt the presence of greek Gods, Aphrodite, Athena and Hermes. Each one barries energies of love, feminine, attraction, wisdom and discernment and the gift of speech and how to heal through speech.

I saw some spirit animals arrive when started all gathering around the fire. I saw an owl, an eagle, a tiger, a snake and an elephant. 

6 people around the fire, 3 gods and 5 animals.

I am learning how to work with my guides through healing, through everyday life, through growth. Some days I create some space to come close to them and to get to know them.

I have no clue why I am sharing all these. I am just sharing. If you are a "newbie" like me, please dedicate some time to meet your spirit guides. You never know what may happen.

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As I was writing this article a song is playing again and again on youtube and next one is the same, again! 



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Tina Marie


Thank you so much for sharing your experience!  It's amazing to me how everyone is different with their encounters with their guides!  They know just how to come to us... and when!  The song was beautiful!!  It's how I feel about my Mark!  Thank you for sharing! ?

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Thank you for sharing Elena, that sounded a fab meditation as you found out such alot.  Hope you invite one in at a time and get to know about each one. You've inspired me to do a meditation with my guides.  

Much love x

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