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A letter of gratitude



It's been days I want to grab a pen and one of my many notebooks to write and write...Instead of that, being busy and creative at the same time, I use my phone to write some things... 

Today I will post my gratitude's journal page. Hoping to light up some spirits in this place.

It is a letter to myself, that I used to feel uncomofartble even to think of writing like this. I was guided to share it and this is a safe place to do so. ❤️ 

Thank you for all the energies and for taking time to process them. Thank you for being aligned with your higher self. Thank you for becoming the real you. Thank you for supporting all these people with your unique way. Thank you for being an amazing friend, a worthy guide, an amazing co operative/ co worker, thank you for loving yourself deeply and truly. 
Thank you for loving others as much as you love yourself.
Thank for doing your best.
Thank you for recognising when to slow down.
Thank you for taking your time when you need to.
Thank you for respecting yourself and others.
Thank you for seeing the light in you and others.
Thank you for understanding yourself and others.
Thank you for being you...
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Thy will be done and it has already been done. So it is. Amen.

Reading it again...

I see myself talking to all these amazing people I have in my life and thanking them for the same reasons.

At the end I am praying to the Spirit and closing my gratitude letter.

Love to all. ?



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Thank YOU Elena! You are an amazing soul!! You have a light that shines so bright and have been there for me also in so many ways! Let me give gratitude to you also! I'm learning to give it to myself and have my Soul sister to help guide me! Love you!!! Such beautiful gratitude for yourself!! Lead the way!! 

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I keep hearing this "lead the way" like a song... need to search it! hahaha 

thank you Mandi! Se agapao! ❤️ 

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Melissa Kennedy


Beautiful Elena! We can never truly love others unless we are loving ourselves! You are a wise soul, indeed! How did you know hearts are a way to reach me? ? My absolute favorite symbol!  xo 

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