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Rest and Rejuvenate

Tina Marie


Hello from Sunny Florida!

As I was doing my meditating today the message was rest and rejuvenate!  I tend to be a person who knows her limits.  Being an Empath, I treasure my energy so I make sure I don't overdo.  If I happen to on occasion overdo it my body sure lets me know!  Spending time outside in the sun is crucial to my well being.  I'm blessed to have a patio where I can go and sit!  I love looking at my plants and seeing the bees pollinate them.  This is very relaxing for me!  Do you all have a place to rest and rejuvenate?  If you don't maybe you should find that place and get rejuvenated!

Sending Blessings of rest and relaxation to all of you!

Tina ?

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Hi from rainy, windy, grey UK lol

I think we are surely building an ark here in the UK as we have had weeks of rain. Not sure I can remember what the sun looks like.  

I love the sunshine and like you when it finally appears I love to sit in the garden and watch the bees pollinating the shrubs.  It is def increases my energy levels every time. The pretty daffodils are out in the garden, and their yellow colour make me smile.

Its good to hear you are listening and resting as you are advised.  


You take care

Carly x

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I also enjoy my garden when the spring and summer come, I live in Iowa so we are still covered in snow though it was melting today with the temperature.  Like many, I have lower energy during the winter months when I can't always go outside, so this year we converted my bedroom into a meditation room, and my closet into my own personal sacred space (it isn't real big, but it works) Anyone in the family is able to go into the mediation room when they would like to relax and meditate or if the door is shut, to have their own time. This has been amazing for our family!

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Beverley Pennell


I also like to sit on the decking eyes closed just listening to the outside world, breathing in the fresh air and taking in the scent . 


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Julian Jenkins


It's funny this subject has come to light as I was only talking about it to my wife, I never truly rest I am always doing something. 

I never slow down, even the meditation is a means to an end lol (not always)

Thank you so much for reminding me. xxxx

Im going to have a coffee and a gaze 

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Yes, this is such a major part of most of my days now. It always feels so nice to get out and enjoy the sun beating down on my face and hearing the birds sing. I just love the me time. I am also lucky, I have a nice fenced in quiet back yard with a pool where I can sit pool side gently close my eyes and drift away with the birds singing to me. I do all this just before I clean the pool, brush the pool, vacuum the pool, then all the rest of the daily stuff to do. lol..

Thank you for the lovely read,



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