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Wisdom from my Spirit Guides

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Sleepless Night

Tina Marie


Good morning from Sunny Florida!  I just had to share my experience last night!  I was exhausted from the day so I went to bed early... not to early though.  ?  I woke up and thought it was morning.  To my utter dismay when I looked at the clock it read 2:00 AM!  I was wide awake!  Now what do I do? ?  The thought came to mind to ask my Spirit Guide Mary if she would take me on a journey!  She smiled and said, Absolutely!  So I closed my eyes and off we went.  A cloud appeared and we stepped on it.  Mary held onto me so I felt secure.  She put her wing around me!  Up, up, up we went.  We came to another cloud and then stepped off.  The mist quickly disappeared, and I saw a beautiful city that was all sparkle!  It was filled with beautiful gemstones of the purest kind.  Ahead I saw a beautiful Emerald Green building.  Mary told me to go inside, and she would wait for me.  I opened the door, and to my left stood a young girl holding a rectangular box in her arms.  I smiled and asked, "who are you?"  She smiled and said, "My name is Susie."  I said, "Hi Susie.  What's in the box?"  She replied, "This box is a gift for you!"  She then walked over to me, and sat the box down.  She smiled and said, "Open it!"  I smiled back and said, "Ok."  As I opened it she told me there were 4 gifts for me.  I have been faithful to cultivating my craft and the Spirits decided to bless me.  I felt very humble as she took the first gift out.  She told me she was giving me the gift of clarity.  I asked, "Don't I already see clearly?"  She said, "Not like this.  We want you to never question what we send you, so we are opening your eyes to see more than ever before."  Then she went to the second gift.  "This gift is to help you stay humble.  Not that you aren't already, but we plan to bring many people to you, and need you to stay humble. The third gift will be a surprise in time.  The forth gift is the gift of Radiance!  Wherever you go we want to shine your light so bright that people will wonder what it is about you."  She could sense some hesitation on my part because I was thinking about the enormous responsibility I would have.  She smiled and said, "Remember you are never alone!"  I smiled and said, "You are right!  I love that!"  She then motioned for me to go so I did.  I turned back and she still had a smile on her face as she waved good bye.  I waved good bye and said thank you!  Mary was waiting for me and quickly took me home.  That was a sleepless night I will never forget!  Just had to share! ? 

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Shani McKeown


Spirit is amazing! At the right time, they are always there to inspire and encourage us to keep moving forward. I will have to ask my Guide next time I can't sleep. Thanks for sharing.

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WOW! What an amazing experience! Thank you for sharing Meladream! 

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