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Ancestral healing



Just a quick blog about something I've been guided to share and a prime example of how building the relationship with spirit can work..


I've been dedicating myself to doing the mindfulness talked about on Sunday night.  And what I noticed is that spiritual chat has become very clear. So much so that on Monday eve I had what I call a light bulb moment.


Ancestral healing .. clear as day...was talked about by my guide. 

Mmmm great I thought I have no idea about Ancestors , who they are , and how to use for healing. Do they mean my healing,  for others , for their healing etc etc ? To teach?Is that why I've been drawn to certain crystals , is that what they are for .. 

So I bought one book and then thought no I'm going to get the answers from my guides.. They told me the crystal that will help and then suggested I get a group of six together. Which I've now arranged. 

So this is a another prime example of how spirit can work. Looks like I'm working with ancestors for the next few weeks.. and will let you know how my group get on healing with their ancestors...


Love and blessing x

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Tina Marie


That's awesome!  I too have been having clarity and am feeling like my guides are my best friends! ?  They never steer me wrong.  I'm also trusting myself more with what comes through for me!  I always did when it came to my clients, but not so much for me.  I'm happy I've had that breakthrough.  ?

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Yay thats brilliant. Just shows what can happen when you put the time and commitment into yourself.

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It was beautiful! Needless to say you are amazing...! My blubby uncle! Didn't know the word (lol) but I searched afterwards! He is blubby yes and I had dedicated to him some songs during summer time in 2011 and he loved them!

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