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Blogging, something new to me..


So I thought I would start with something about working with my guides...


I have a number of guides and feel honoured recently in the trance udemy to have met some new ones. 

When I started really getting to know them a few years ago , I would spend time, expanding my aura and asking my main guide samuel to move in and out, so that I could get used to his energy. I also remember asking him what he thought of my room that I had made into my healing room.  His reply as I felt my head move around and look was , it's too small.  What a cheek my husband had spent ages painting it for me.   


Luckily I have a wonderful husband and I remember coming out into our garden and saying I hate to say this but Samuel says my room is too small. He wants me to have circles in my room so I need to have our other spare room.  So the painting began and the moving of furniture. So we now have two lavender colour spare rooms.  But I trusted, ha but maybe I should have asked him before I had made the choice of room.  


That summer I did do some healing circles, so he was right to choose the larger room. 


Key point is Trust trust and trust ..



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Beverley Pennell


Hi Carly new to this blog thing aswell, but hey we all have to stop somewhere.  i have only just started to talk to my hubby about spiritual things.  And he has surprised me, we have a couple of rooms at home a reading room and a healing room.   Its also nice that i can sit in the living room with my crystals and go off on a journey, and get no scarcastic comment.  spirit moves in a mysterious way.

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