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My Guides way of Helping

Shani McKeown


My Husband and I recently had an appointment to visit my bank which was very stressful for me.  I explained that I needed to quickly meditate before leaving to  send my Guides ahead to ensure everything goes smoothly. I then spoke to my Main Guide who is a bald little Munk dressed in orange.  He is the one I go to when I need to vent about life and he always replies with a long silence and about three words which are always so powerful. He doesn't say many words and has a calming peaceful presence. I expressed to him my worries and he said "Stay Calm and Focused" I then said to him "Can you come with me, I am always calmer with you around. "

We leave home and I've stopped at the lights and turned in my seat enough for me to see my Guide sitting in the back. The seats were folded down so he was sitting on top of the folded seat looking very out of place. I dismissed it because I do not usually see my Guides in this way. Getting out of the car and walking across the road I feel very shocked as I say to my husband "My Guide is here right behind us and is following us into the bank". My husband shrugs his shoulders as he is used to me talking about seeing spirits of loved ones past over. We are sitting in a room with a desk and there is a chair in the corner facing us. The lady comes in to greet us and there is my Guide sitting on a chair sitting across from me. I became more focused on my Guide talking to him then on what was happening in the room. At one point the lady left the room and when I looked over at my Guide, he was reading a large newspaper. I was stunned and found it very funny and asked him why and he replied "I am here, I may as well do something human". I started laughing and then explained to my husband who also found it amusing.  My guide said "It is all taken care of,  you can relax" and I felt a calmness in the room. The rest of the meeting went perfectly and my Guide was attentive when needed and then relaxed and this helped me a lot as did the the humor to diffuse my anxiety. On the way home my husband asked me why I thought my guide came with us and I replied "I had forgotten that I asked him to come with me and never expected it to happen that way"  Thank you Ezra for showing me once again that our Guides know what we need better than we do.  

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I love this! and I love hearing that someone else out there has the same kind of things happening.

My husband also is used to me talking to guides (to the point he now tells me about what his ones are saying).

It feels so normal and right, that I kind of ignore all the talk about how 'its crazy to think that guides exist'. 

Its sort of like people insisting the world is flat, when you know its round.

I love that your guides where their, they went with you and had  a scence of humor about the entire thing, how beautiful and supportive and calming is that.

What lovely and rewarding experience!


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