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Automatic Writing

Shani McKeown


I have started sharing my messages from Spirit on social media in as many ways as I can, however, I still find it difficult. I had to change my thinking, I need to do this regardless of how scary it seems, how unsure I feel because I have been given these messages to communicate not to keep to myself. If I inspire one person with their words it will make a difference.  I received this message from a Guide through automictic writing with the intention to receive philosophy.

I am here to help people of the earth to gain understanding of the world beyond, the bigger journey for it is the journey of your soul. Your understanding is only of this world that you live and there is much more to accomplish.

To do that, you need to free your mind, release all burdens you have and believe in processes you may not understand. To do this, you need to rely on your soul’s knowledge not your Earth assessments.

It is a great challenge and takes many lives to accomplish however, you can choose to move forward or stay the same, it is free will.

You must have the 7 principles (of spirituality) instilled to be able to fully appreciate the differences in moving forward. You will not be able to move forward if you are not compassionate and helpful to others.

Help humanity, help your human mates out, be selfless, giving, committed and righteous to ascend. Not all get there but they will once they learn their soul journey. It is complex and hard to demonstrate. We ask that you keep trying as we want you to help people aspire to reach even higher to possibilities that seem impossible.


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Wow -yeah that is scary, going through something similar myself.

really admire that you are ‘feeling the fear and doing it anyway’. Allowing for that uncomfortable feeling of possible rejection... or worse, acceptance (which can lead to expectations that you will always know the right thing to say or do, and then you get so anxious that you have trouble connecting and -it gets messy).

ok...now I get why I draw -my ability to write and uplift -sucks.

thing is - I don’t think you’ll get to that anxious phase at its worse, from what your getting now, -you are well and truly supported. I’m excited at where you are going and to see how this eventuates. 
are you excited? It’s like you’re in the first few chapters of a new adventure series...where the writer sets the scene, the main charter is described, with potential challenges, and goals...now the fun bit begins ????

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Shani McKeown


I am excited where the next year will take me as I feel like I'm jumping off the cliff into the unknown but feeling confident Spirit is right beside me. I struggle with putting myself out there in the community as I am shy and approaching people makes me uncomfortable.  I have realised that I just have to do it if I want to help other people and understand now, it's not about me. Doesn't mean I like it though.  My Mentor, Helen, has been a great teacher, putting me on the spot many times so I understand that Spirit will never let me down. She says to me, "I can't give you the confidence as it is something you have to find for yourself". She is an old school Medium and is exactly like Julian in their spirituality and teachings.

I love your drawing I saw on here, it was so uplifting and had such a positive energy. My family laughed and still joke about it when I tried to draw a lady I saw in meditation not knowing it was Cleopatra and had a circle face with something on her head and it looked like long dog ears. I stay away from drawing lol. 

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