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Message from Spirit

Shani McKeown


I sat and asked "Spirit, can you please give me a message for my face book page" I picked up my pen and began writing:

Do you know where you are going?
Look within as you may not recognise the path you are on, but the within always knows what is true to their heart. Always trust "The Within", it is you speaking your truth.

As usual I was amazed with their message and posted to my face book page: https://www.facebook.com/shaniwithspirit

I went to write it out in my special book for spirit messages when I was told to think about the process of the message. I am a medium and clairaudient and I am always grateful that my connection is so strong - I clear my mind, I ask for a message and I receive it in the form I asked for. I then remembered what I said to my husband just after receiving the message. "Can you listen to my message, I hope it makes sense but I had a lot of distractions". Then it clicked and I got it with clarity! I had been sitting at a table in the main room of the house. I had my daughter with her blaring music in one direction, my 19 year old son just outside the door with four of his friends being loud like they do. Then inside I had my four cockatiels decide to sing and whistle together and on their own, meanwhile, outside somewhere the curlew birds were screaming loudly like a child having a tantrum. Yet I wrote my message clearly. I could hear everything but I was so focused. 

I like to do things in a certain way especially when it comes to connecting to spirit and maintaining all my rituals all of the time in order to feel comfortable or confident. This is comfortable and Spirit is always showing me that I can't always do that as you learn most when you are out of your comfort zone listening to them. I'm not a fan of this lesson as I like being comfortable. And I'm a Taurus.  It wasn't that long along, I stood up on the platform at my Church Service and did Mediumship and Spirit messages regularly.  It is difficult and scary for most people let alone me who is very shy and finds it difficult to speak up in group situations (even on zoom). Working with spirit gave me the voice on the platform to be able to speak in front of people and I was thrust up on the stage right out of my comfort zone on a regular basis. I learned so much and had so many different experiences. They never let me down and I trust my team.

But here I am. I miss being on the platform as Covid closed our church and I have relaxed as there are not as many opportunities to be pushed out of my comfort zone. Sprit is still teaching me the lesson in a different way and showing me that I can do anything regardless of how uncomfortable I feel when I have faith and trust in  them. I'm still learning that I do not need to doubt them afterwards either.  They will always take the opportunity to show you more and there is always more to learn. I now wait to be pushed out of my comfort zone again as I continue to learn that this is how I move forward. 

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