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Message from the Archangels!

Tina Marie


Hi Everyone!  This is the message I received from the Archangels today and they wanted me to share it with you!  Here you go! ?

Everything begins with love. When you have the love and compassion for others, everything falls into place. Life is an adventure to be lived out so start living the adventure! Don't let others bring you down. Don't let others dictate how you live. If what you do makes you happy then do it, but do it all in love. You don't realize it, but you came here to experience love on a whole new level. Let go of the drama in your life. Let go of those people and things that are holding you back. Yes even things can hold you back. Walk around your house and ask yourself, "Does this make me happy?" If it doesn't then maybe it's time to get rid of it. Use your common sense when making changes. If you come at life from Love it will all work out! Ask us to help you with that and we will! We are always here for you!

I hope this encourages you and to "Be Love and Give Love" ? 

Tina ?

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