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Manifestation Fairy!

Tina Marie


The Manifestation Fairy has turned up twice this week!  They tell me they want me to share with you so you can manifest too!  This message is to important not to share!  Here is what they said!

We see that many of you want to manifest! We are here to help! Tina drew the Manifestation Fairy for all of you! We need you to be very honest and clear about what you wish to manifest in your life. Now write it down on paper: Manifestation, step one!


One of the simplest manifestation techniques is to write down what you want to manifest, whether it's an idea, a wish or a dream. Be honest with yourself and very clear about what it is you wish to happen. Once it exists on the paper, it exists in the physical world. Can it really be that simple? In a word, yes! Another great way to do this is to say: 'I wish to manifes (your idea/wish/dream), or something better, in my life.'

Next, think of practical steps that you can take to start the process of bringing your idea into the world, always remembering that your plan must respect the free will of others. Intention is key here for it's our intent that directs the flow of energy in our life, like a magnet. Stay fully focused and allow the Fairy of Manifestation to guide you during this magical exercise. Try to do one thing every day towards manifesting your idea, wish or dream, and trust in the process. Be sure to keep a lookout for any fairy signs that may appear along the way, and follow their advice. This way you're allowing the divine universal intelligence to help you manifest it the best way for achieving the highest good of all.

Sending you all a Blessing with the ability to Manifest Anything You Desire!

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