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When God Whispered Your Name

Tina Marie


This morning when I woke up with the song, "When God Whispered Your Name" playing through my mind.  I looked up the lyrics and then I asked, "What are you trying to say to me?"  "When God whispered your name... that's when everything changed!"  They told me that my life is going to change for the better!  It's pretty amazing now, but if they can make it better I say YES PLEASE DO! LOL  I put the lyrics the way "they" wanted them.  I hope this encourages you all because God whispered YOUR NAME!

And then I whispered your name 
And that's when everything changed 
And love came out of the rain

Suddenly you'll wanna live 
More than you ever did 
You're never gonna be the same 
Because God whispered your name

Can you see the sunshine 
For the first time in a while? 
It's amazing 
When I whispered your name 
That's when everything changed 
Love came out of the rain

Love is coming out for you!348651820_Godwhispered2.thumb.png.c7723feb13c0386d0dad94cc3cd1d2c0.png

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