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Wisdom from my Spirit Guides

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When We Trust

Tina Marie


For months now my Spirit Guides have been telling me to trust them.  Little by little I have, but always found myself holding back for some reason.  I guess you could say my mogul mind gets in the way.  ????  About a week ago I realized that I had two car payments taken out.  ????  I contacted the bank right away only to find out I had to wait 10 days and then they would issue me a check.  ???? I did find out, however that if I could prove that the check cleared I could go to the bank and they would issue me a check.  Ok so I waited for it to clear and off I went to the bank... only to find out that, that particular bank only had one person working and they were a loan officer.  No tellers.  BUT I could travel another half hour to the bank in another city.  I decided no.  As I was driving my tire light came on in the car.  I was close to my dealership so I stopped in.  They inflated my tires and as I was pulling out I hear this voice say, "This is why that happened."  I was like really?  Ok well if you take an extra payment then I will need the money to put it back.  I will trust that you have my back and will give me the money I need.  Well can I say I totally let go, and had peace about it, and let the universe supply for me!  They have been in a big way!  One party that I did they asked me to stay an extra hour and then gave me a big tip.  I just booked another party for this Saturday!  I'm also booked for Oct. 24th... a party!  I've been having clients reach out!  To say my friends are taking care of me is a true statement!  I told them that I will let them take care of me from now on!  They have gone above and beyond!  The moral of the story is this... TRUST YOUR SPIRIT WORLD TO TAKE CARE OF YOU!  THEY LOVE YOU AND ARE EXCITED TO DO IT!  ???? 

Sending you all a Blessing of Abundance!!

Tina ???? 

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