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Sheena Cox

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Meditation from the definitive guide to psychic mediumship




I have just done the guided meditation on section 4 of the definitive guide to psychic mediumship course 

Will when I was talking to my guides they gave me this message and I thought I would share .One guide White Eagle keeps sending me hawks, everytime I go a walk I see one now which is amazing?

Anyway the message....

"You are a seed of the flower and as it grows so will you , the flower doesn't know it's true path it just trusts that it will grow , also I have to follow the hawk , let us (my guides) be the wind to steady my wings and to help me fly , feel us through the wind , use the keen eyesight to see further than I have before "

I am amazed as this is the first time I have gotten a message like this through meditation ,

I am just speachless now and would like to thank Julian for this course and all his courses 

Love Sheena x 

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Shani McKeown


That's an amazing message. I sometimes get messages like that too so I understand your excitement and awe. It has a profound effect on us receiving the message but for all that read it. Thank you for sharing ?

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Julian Jenkins


Pleasure and thats amazing x

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