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Sheena Cox

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My first blog



I have been wanting to write a blog for a while but didn't know where to start , so I have now picked up the courage (yippee)

My first experience with spirit was seeing my gran(my dad's mum) on the bottom of my bed ,I was 10 yrs old, she told me that everything would be fine and that I was to go back to sleep .

When I woke in the morning , my mum said she had died , I told my mum that my gran had been sitting on my bed , to be told I was being silly , there were more visits from spirit growing up but I didn't believe what I was seeing as I thought I was being silly ..

fast forward to my first marriage and wanting to join a spiritualist church only to be told I was being silly ..... so I left it again as I was thinking I was being silly ......

I then left that marriage for many reasons ... and met my now husband ..... and yet the call to work with spirit was strong (I feel like yoda there lol)  ... so I  got into tarot reading , did a lot of courses .... then I mentioned i wanted to go  to mediumship circle ... he told me to do what I need to do ... what I wasn't being silly???? It was a big shock to me to have support from someone I love ...

So I have been reading cards for 10 years now and talking to spirit for 3 yrs , reiki practitioner for 3 yrs and what a difference I feel .... 

I found Julian from the moon magic course and have never looked back , and my connection has came on in leaps ,

I have also found trance healing and wow is that amazing 

Well that's enough for today ..

Love Sheena x

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Love it and thank you for sharing your path and how you trust and surrender!!! Sheena it's an honour to know you ❤️ 

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