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Spiritual Coffee~Love in a cup!

Melissa Kennedy


Good Morning Everyone!

Today I started my day with 'Spiritual Coffee', with some of my wonderful friends from around the world!

How amazing is that? I can get up before the sun rises, and have a chat with some of the brightest lights,

and caring people that I know! Wow! How blessed am I? It never ceases to amaze me how much we all have

in common! It was well worth the early morning alarm going off! Thank You Julian for hosting this 'Spiritual Coffee'!

We did a meditation on labeling our thoughts! I have to say, I had a wide array of thoughts to label and then an amazing

thing happened.  My thoughts were gone and I was spending time with 'spirit'! How does that happen you might ask?

Well, it is all because of Julian's Mindfulness teachings! Yes, that is right!  When you practice mindfulness on a daily basis

it becomes second nature to connect with yourself, check in and the magic of an empty mind takes place!

That is where spirit resides! I received some very loving messages from  Julian's guide, Rowtag!

He was sure to  tell me the messages were from him!  He told me to Be Happy, Be Light, Feel the joy! Your spirit is a 

wellspring of inspiration and ideas and compassion! (Ronnie aka Rowtag knows me well)l! ? 

Then he told me: We are all wounded, we are broken, we are damaged, BUT you can ALWAYS put  yourself back together!!! 

Mindfulness has made me an open receiver for the messages from spirit.  It is so peaceful to be able to just sit with yourself, 

and you fade into the background and the love shines through! 

Wishing everyone a blessed day!

Peace, Love & Light



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Tina Marie


Thank you so much for sharing!!  This site is such a blessing and so are you!! ❤️

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Melissa Kennedy


Yes, it is and thank you! You know I feel the same way about you Tina! ? 

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Julian Jenkins


Well said Mellissa you are a beautiful light of love x

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