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Today I Will BE The Best Possible ME!

Melissa Kennedy


In my moment of clarity this morning, with all that is going on in our world right now,

I had the most amazing thought! I will be my 'BEST ME'! 

Things are so out of control right now, everywhere we look, things are out of balance

things are very much out of 'our control'.  It is like we are spectators in a world coliseum of

purse chaos! 

We are all in this together, this I know with clarity!

The thing I also know to be absolute truth is; we can only control how we react, and how we feel

in all of this chaos!

I am choosing to be the BEST ME I can possibly be!  I will see and feel things through my own personal filter.

I will hold all those in love and kindness, that do not see things the way I see them.

I will be mindful of my thoughts, my reactions, my inner compass! 

I choose to be the best possible ME.

I do this because if I am not in a healthy state of mind, there is no way I can effectively

help other's in this very difficult time in our World!

I hope that you will join me in being your best possible YOU!

Transmute negative thoughts, feelings and emotions to 

PURE LOVE and KINDNESS and send that back out to everyone and everything!

Even when others do not see and feel your 'truth'!

It is a hard task, but, we can do this!

Peace, Love and Light!



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Lovely words and so true ?   Peace, love and light back to you ?

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Thank you Melissa!! After our chat on transmuting, I felt so much love & light radiating out to all, and was able to continue on with my day/week and still going strong!! I had left facebook for a short time with all the energy coming through and felt this made all the differenxe and the shift I needed to realign with myself, my true purpose, passion and spirit

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Melissa Kennedy

Posted (edited)

@Carly Thank You Carly! xo & @Mandi This really helps! I have had to retrain my brain in so many ways! I am willing to trade chaos for peace in all aspects of my life & It is a choice and I know it starts with me! xo 

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