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A Message From My Dad-Through Automatic Writing

Melissa Kennedy


Automatic Writing In Circle With Julian  9/16/20


To Begin:

Mantra - (breathe in) Connecting With, (breathe out) our loved ones.

My Dad’s Message to me:  I wanted to share with the community.  

Daisies, Black Eyed Susan's.  The sweet smell of summer ending and fall coming.

I am in that gentle change, I am the softness of the breeze. 

Yes, I am the whisper in the wind. Spirit is eternal. Our physical form fades, dims, goes away, back to the earth.

Our spiritual form, goes back to spirit, it is so beautiful, it is space, without time.

It is freedom, it is a thought away from total joy, bliss, connection, no time,

only space that is eternal, we learn, we grow, even in spirit.

The divide seems great while in our physical vehicle, but, in spirit, the automobile is shared, it is an eternal ride, 

Or automobile. One moment you may feel the beach, and decide to be one with it.

The next moment may be a mountain top, the next may be a classroom of  higher learning and understanding,

The next a reel of your life review, time with loved ones,

Both remembered and with ones from behind the veil of amnesia with the physical body you are in. 

There is no limit, it is a limitless place. So much beauty. 


Very Amazing & Beautiful Message from my Father


Edward P. Kennedy 11/27/1940 - 4/18/2016


I hope it brings you peace, as it did me.


Thank You Dad! 

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Thank you for sharing this Melissa , it made me smile ? and I can feel lots of love ? coming through too xxxx

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Melissa Kennedy


Thank You Shari, Sheena & Michelle.  It was my pleasure to share! ????

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Tina Marie


Wow Melissa that was wonderful!!  I will remember that!  Thank you so much for sharing! ????

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