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The Power Of Love

Julian Jenkins


Having just come back from a week-long studying week at Arthur Findlay College where it is about the seven fundamental principles of the SNU I have a different aspect and take on this. Just for the record what an amazing place full of even more amazing people. (Thank you for the gift Arthur Findlay.)

For me, there are two principles we should hold dear to our heart, two principles that should shape and form not only who we are but more importantly why we are here.

The ability to give love and receive love is extremely important so therefore my principles are simple in many ways.

1 Be love and give love

2 Provide evidence of eternal love.

I feel this covers everything, we live our lives every day with the foundation of love, a foundation that influences our energy, decisions and attitude to life. This means we really live a life that is true to our self-soul and heat space, a space that takes the knocks from the physical world and still continues the essence of love in everything we do.

Firstly I think that we have to be able to love ourselves before we can truly love anyone else. Being able to love the way we are, the things we do and the path we furrow as we go. This ability to love yourself in a humble and thankful way allows you to give love in a more authentic and intimate way. 

The first point of my values underpins everything we do spiritually and again without yourself being love and giving love you will find it difficult to cultivate the space for spirit to provide evidence of eternal love.

Being able to live with these two core principles will help you and give you abundance and they also self-fulfil each other. 

The more you love and give love the stronger the evidence of eternal love and the development grows as we now truly glide through our spiritual pathway.

Does it all sound a bit simplistic? in essence, yes, but it is these values when we are tested every day that will allow us to grow and it is only then that we revert back to the power of love that we can truly see the benefits. No matter what life throws at you always be loved and give love.

Make love your Goal.


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Beverley Pennell


It has taken me years to be able to love myself for who I am. Guilt was a huge thing that was installed into me from a very early age. It was a conversation with a 6 year old and then my guide coming asking me . " Did you listen to what he told he ". 

It was the simple. We love you as you are nanna dont forget. 

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Tina Marie


My life changed when I started to love myself.  That is the one thing I encourage my clients to do more than anything... Love yourself! ?  Thanks for sharing!

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