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My conscious living journals: Messages, Reflections and PrimitivePower 


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Love from Universe is like a stream reaching to the sea

My lesson on self-worthiness, and again I have an urge to share with you about it. I can call myself a typical workaholic. I’m always aware I have self worthiness obstacles. But I’m not aware how and why it is affecting my life, on the unconscious level. This time, I experience the profound & unconditional love from the universe reaching to us in whatever way it could.  There has been a song ringing into my heart once I woke up for the past week, so I sang a long few notes and felt



About self-judgement & self-worthiness

Since the angel meditation with Julian 2 weeks ago, I’ve started writing a journal about  “the meetings' with my healing guide. This morning, I had another meeting and I feel it could be good to share with some of you who might be facing similar obstacles.  (English is not my first language, but I will try to express it in the best way I could,  because I would like to share what I learnt today.) Love you all, we are all connected.  I will put the long story short:  Yesterday midnight



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