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About self-judgement & self-worthiness



Since the angel meditation with Julian 2 weeks ago, I’ve started writing a journal about  “the meetings' with my healing guide. This morning, I had another meeting and I feel it could be good to share with some of you who might be facing similar obstacles.  (English is not my first language, but I will try to express it in the best way I could,  because I would like to share what I learnt today.)

Love you all, we are all connected. 

I will put the long story short:  Yesterday midnight I had a nightmare about a strong sense of commiting suicide. When I woke up, I had an overwhelming feeling of fear. 

I’m a positive and joyful person, rationally i have no idea why i would have this kind of dream. However I knew almost instantly it’s about self judgement (and self worth).

When I’m aware,  I recognize my habit of constantly judging myself about what I should do and what I should not do. Pushing myself too hard to achieve something and if I didn't, I would feel sad, guilty and stressed. 


My guide told me :

“There must be a reason you did or you didn’t do something….. Focus on the reasons behind, not the outcome.” 

“The outcome is just a reflection of your states, not the real you. Your true self is never affected”


“Do not judge on your self-reflection in the running river, calm down and you will see the answers” 

That means to look for the reasons behind my specific response and emotion.


I asked: I understand, but should I ever judge myself?

“What for?”

I said, to be able to go back to the right path.

“My dear, you are always on the right path!”

“It’s only about what you choose to focus on along the way.”

True, on the same road to a mountain, I could focus on the dry soil or on the green grass.


Then he guided me to go through what had happened the day before and practice a new habit of thinking:

-->First, found out the reasons. 

Why was I pushing myself too hard to do practice on animal communication and power meditation as much as possible and why would I try to escape from it? 

It’s because: 

1. I want to do something to raise self worthiness

2. I worry I can't get to this psychic state again easily, therefore every time when I feel I'm ready, I want to do as many as possible.

3. And I want to be able to help and support others on a better level sooner

--->Then,  think differently

1. I am worthy, no matter what I do, what I don't do.

I came here to experience life no matter what it is, how it is.

2. Worry doesn't help, discipline and practice regularly , step by step and you will be able to do it naturally.

3.You are already doing the best you can at this stage in your unique way, see it and recognize it. Fully experience where you are standing before making new rushing steps.


I still don’t know where this courage comes from, that i’m sharing it openly and honestly, I guess it’s Divine Love!

Thank you!

Blessings to everyone on your own unique path!


Warm regards,


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Really outstanding... Much of a help and always a good reminder is needed until all these knowledge is well grounded in all of us.. 

Thank you for sharing...!!! ❤️ 

If it makes it any better..English is not my first language either and I don't express myself as good (with a rich text etc) as I want to...yet there are times that it feels more comfortable writing in English rather in Greek! hahahah

Rest assure that you expressed yourself pretty amazing and have no doubts about it! ? Self confidence.

Your message is getting through no matter what. ? 

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beautiful and so many lessons from your guides that help us all , reminders to let go and know we are on the right path regardless of the outcome! Self confidence and self love~ your message is one that I wondered about the other day, as I also woke up with feelings like this an wondered where they came from. I went right to meditation and came out looking at it in much the same way.  

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Julian Jenkins


Amazing Blog xxxx

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Thank you Elena! for your warm words! yes I understand it by heart now. Trust in ourselves that we can do more then we think.

Thank you Mandi! So glad to know the message resonates with you. After I've posted it, I was secretly thinking to delete it, haha, coz I was not sure..... now I learn one more lesson to trust the message and initiation to share it.

Thank you Julian!! 

The real lesson begins today. It's to put what I learnt in practice, be aware, be conscious and be discipined. 


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Wow thank you, I am so glad you didn't delete it.  I have come across this, today and I am questioning my self worthiness.  In a certain situation. You have given me great insight.  It is what we choose to focus on and why I came to the community site.  Thank you ❤ 

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Posted (edited)

Thank you @Carly! I'm very happy to know it resonates with you. For the past week, I think I did great progress in accepting who I am now and not thinking who I should be or how better I can be, I just live wholeheartly without comparing different possible versions of myself. I feel I'm shining with my courageous steps in new breakthroughs. I started to run a positive community project within few days and I'm doing what I was always trying to escape from, full of joy. Sending you lots of energy and blessings to you for your own journey. ❤️

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