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About this blog

Over the past week or two. I have been very much under the weather.  Recovering  from a number of Asthma  episodes.  

I found trying to do my daily meditation gave me a window to feel a greater  need to connect with  my guide and my ancestors.  I am lucky that my family  is quite vibrant,  irish, south african, Indian dutch, French.  Its only recently  dawned on me how many influences actual come into play when drawning ose to Spirit.  

I dont know if it causes  confusion when I ask my guide to draw near. Do I just ask for my Spirit  guide? or Ancestors? Or is it both. I dont want to feel overwhelmed by who I ask to be with me.

Anyone else experience  this uncertainty?

Would like to hear  how you deal with this. 

Love and peace  Len

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Belive in yourself

I have been involved in energy healing and mediumship for over 20 years. I am still learning.  I seem to have had this gift since a young child but never put a name to my gifts. I have let myself be guided by the energies around me and in my hands or the things that come to mewhile working with clients. Also my spirit guide  Recently have have had messages about issues that could be sensitive to the individual client. I have always asked my spirit guides how best to give the message to

Leonard Van-Arendsen

Leonard Van-Arendsen

Tonigyt circle with Caly

really wel done sorry for joining late. I had a strong hand on my left shoulder and a crysal blue orb. I had he impression this orb was for my healing. I need it as my astham is not been good. It was alos great to faces to names. I will have a think about what I can contribute to the circle. 

Leonard Van-Arendsen

Leonard Van-Arendsen

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