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Len Van-Arendsen

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Tonigyt circle with Caly

Leonard Van-Arendsen


really wel done sorry for joining late. I had a strong hand on my left shoulder and a crysal blue orb. I had he impression this orb was for my healing. I need it as my astham is not been good. It was alos great to faces to names. I will have a think about what I can contribute to the circle. 

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Sending love and healing Leonard! Glad you were tonight on the circle!

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Tina Marie


Totally get the Asthma issue!  Take slow deep breaths if you can.  That will help expand your lungs. That's what Spirit said. ?  Sending you a Blessing with the Ability to Breathe Deep! ? 

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Thank you for joining in and lovely to know you had a blue crystal orb.  Interesting blue links to the throat and asthma obviously linked to the airways in the lungs and throat .

You said last night it was really heavy in your hand. So do have a go at meditating and asking spiritual guides to place the crystal in the throat.  They will have given it to you to use .  They are often called etheric Crystal's and I use them in my healing.


Hope this helps , 


Much love x

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Very beautiful meditation Carly! Thank you for guiding us through! Loved it! ❤️ 

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