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Len Van-Arendsen

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Belive in yourself

Leonard Van-Arendsen


I have been involved in energy healing and mediumship for over 20 years. I am still learning.  I seem to have had this gift since a young child but never put a name to my gifts.

I have let myself be guided by the energies around me and in my hands or the things that come to mewhile working with clients. Also my spirit guide 

Recently have have had messages about issues that could be sensitive to the individual client. I have always asked my spirit guides how best to give the message to the client without causing distress. Its a difficult area. I have felt to be true to oneself and trust what we received.

Has anyone ever had a similar experience?

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Melissa Kennedy


Yes Leonard! I have felt exactly like you do! In so many ways, you were ahead of me by a long shot in working in energy work! I feel that 'spirit' always finds the true and right messenger! The divine knows the intentions of our hearts and minds and that is how the right people are always led to us. The messenger is never a random happenstance! Keep being you, and as you said, trust! You are absolutely on your true path.  Delivering kind and gentle messages of love and healing is what we are called to do! 

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