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Putting Things Into Perspective

Melissa Kennedy


How is everyone doing? How are things in your area in regards to the CV? 

They have opened things up her where I live (Oklahoma, USA) and there is already an increase in cv cases.  I wish I could say we are nearing the end of this covid 19 tunnel but I feel the uncertainty and virus itself is going to linger for a while.  Honestly, I thought 9/11 was the single most defining moment of our generation.  Now I am saying it is cv! It is a bit unnerving to consider we have lost more of our freedoms and liberties as human beings, once again.  In looking back, there is an entire generation that was not even born when 9/11 happened. The same will be for a new generation that does not remember a pre covid 19 world.  It is just harder for those of us who remember a much safer and brighter past.  

As light workers all we can do is keep spreading our light, healing and love! We are all in this together, it is indeed a small world! 

My hope is that as human beings we emerge from this with more love, compassion and understanding of ourselves and each other!

Peace, Love, Light & Healing to all

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Melissa Kennedy

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Glad you liked it! Elena & Tina Marie ❤️?

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